Suggestions To Increase Build Diversity In Guild Wars 2

After doing a lot of reading and theorycrafting I feel like I’ve come up with some pretty realistic changes for the ele. The primary goal of these changes is to increase the viability of the fire, air and earth traitlines for defense while gently nerfing two of the arcana line’s major players in order to stimulate build diversity across all the lines. I would also love to see some bumps to certain weapon and utility skills, so I’ve made some suggestions for those as well.

Disclaimer: Obviously I would not expect ALL of these changes to be made. Gw2 power leveling creep would be strong AF.

Starting with one mechanic change:
Make elemental attunement boons baseline to the class with the following changes and durations:

  • The boons are NOT AoE baseline.
  • Fire: 3 stacks of might for 5 seconds
  • Water: Regeneration for 2 seconds
  • Air: Swiftness for 2 seconds
  • Earth: Protection for 2 seconds


  • Fire Adept Minor – Flame Barrier: Boost trigger chance from 20% to 50% while attuned to fire.
  • Fire Master Minor – Sunspot: Add 2 seconds of burning to this trait in a 240 AoE. Increase the damage radius to 240 to be more in-line with other attunement effects. Reduce affected targets to 3.
  • Fire VII – Pyromancer’s Alacrity: In addition to reducing the recharge rate of attunement-based weapon skills, this trait would now also increase the recharge rate of fire attunement by 20%. Without any points in arcana this would provide for a 10&3/4 second fire attunement recharge time; with 6 points in arcana, the recharge rate would be 8&3/4 seconds.
  • Fire IX – Fire’s Embrace: Increase fire aura duration by 1 second.
  • Fire X – One with Fire: Completely remove current effect and create new effect: burning applied by you deals 20% increased damage.
  • Fire XII – Pyromancer’s Puissance: Remove and replace with new trait Retaliatory Fire: Attuning to fire grants 4 seconds of retaliation (NOT in an AoE.) Retaliation granted by you deals 30% increased damage. Along with flame barrier, this would make striking an ele who has just attuned to fire a potentially dangerous prospect.
  • Fire XIII – Blinding Ashes: Either make it so that AoE applications of burning now blind all affected targets if the trait is off cooldown -OR- make the ICD individual to each enemy (the latter being more powerful than the former.)
  • Air Adept Minor – Zephyr’s Speed: Movement speed increased to 20%, or even 25%. This would only work while attuned to air, so it would mainly be useful for travel. My thoughts when boosting this trait revolve mainly around the focus – does anyone else enjoy being a turtle in WvW just to use the (severely underused, mostly due to mobility issues) focus? I don’t.
  • Air IV – One with Air: Increase superspeed duration to 2 seconds and add 4 seconds of blindness when attuning to Air in a 240 AoE affecting 3 targets. This would allow attuning to air to be a skillshot blind in order to stop that earthshaker or suspected incoming backstab.
  • Air V – Soothing Winds: I honestly don’t know anyone that uses this trait, so change it to Vigorous Auras: Auras granted by you last an additional second and grant 2 seconds of vigor.
  • Air VIII – Inscription: Increase might granted while using a glyph in fire attunement from 1 stack to 3 stacks and decrease base duration from 20 seconds to 15 seconds.
  • Air IX: Aeromancer’s Alacrity: In addition to reducing the recharge rate of attunement-based weapon skills, this trait would now also increase the recharge rate of air attunement by 20%.
    Air XIII – Lightning Rod: Change to deliver damage and weakness on delivering a critical hit with a 10 second ICD. As it is, ele only has like 2 interrupts at most per weaponset with generally long cooldowns, making this trait a pretty poor performer.
  • Earth Master Minor – Earthen Blast: In addition to its current effects, this trait now causes attuning to earth to be a blast finisher centered around the player.
  • Earth VIII – Rock Solid: Add 4 seconds of aegis to this trait in a 240 AoE affecting 5 allies along with the stability. This would allow attuning to earth to be a skillshot block in order to block that pin down or suspected incoming backstab.
  • Earth IX – Geomancer’s Freedom: In addition to its current effects, this trait now grants 3 seconds of retaliation when you are affected by chill, cripple or immobilize. 10 second ICD.
  • Earth X – Geomancer’s Alacrity: In addition to reducing the recharge rate of attunement-based weapon skills, this trait would now also increase the recharge rate of earth attunement by 20%.


  • Water II – Shard of Ice: Renamed to Flash Freeze. Remove old effect. New effect: Inflict 2 seconds of chill and 5 stacks of vulnerability for 8 seconds when attuning to water. 240 AoE, 3 Targets.
  • Water VIII – Aquamancer’s Alacrity: In addition to reducing the recharge rate of attunement-based weapon skills, this trait would now also increase the recharge rate of water attunement by 20%.
  • Arcane Grandmaster Minor – Arcane Precision: Changed from 10% chance to apply conditions on critical hit to 10% chance to apply conditions on hit. Burning duration increased to 2 seconds. Weakness duration decreased to 2 seconds. Bleeding duration increased to 10 seconds. Vulnerability application while in water changed to 2 seconds of chill.
  • Arcane II – Renewing Stamina: Increase ICD to 10 seconds. This will hurt, but with the changes made to other lines being able to maintain permavigor with only one trait is simply too much.
  • Arcane VIII – Elemental Attunement: Because of the change to make the boons provided to the ele baseline to the profession, this trait would now double the duration of the boons provided and make them AoE to restore the current functionality of this trait albeit with slightly nerfed durations.
  • Arcane IX – Arcane Resurrection: Revive speed increase set to 25%. Auras gained upon revival increased in duration to 6 seconds.
  • Arcane X – Arcane Energy: Change effect to give 25% of your endurance back when using a utility, heal or elite skill.
  • Arcane XIII – Elemental Contingency: Changed to use the Evasive Arcana style of internal cooldown where the 10 second ICD is individual to each attunement.

Weapon Skills:

  • Dagger F5 – Fire Grab: Widen the cone slightly.
  • Dagger A2 – Lightning Touch: Widen the cone slightly. Reduce cast time to 1/2 second. Reduce weakness duration by 1 second. Increase affected targets to 5.
  • Dagger E2 – Ring of Earth: List reflection skill fact.
  • Dagger E5 – Churning Earth: Reduce cast time to 2&1/2 seconds.
  • Scepter F1 – Flamestrike: Reduce cast time to 1 second.
  • Scepter F2 – Dragon’s Tooth: Increase damage radius to 240.
  • Scepter W2 – Shatterstone: Halve the time it takes for the shatterstone to detonate.
  • Scepter W3 – Water Trident: Increase radius to 240.
  • Focus F4 – Flamewall: Increase burning duration to 2 seconds and add damage per pulse.
  • Focus F5 – Fire Shield: Change to Fire Aura for OCD purposes. Increase duration to 8 seconds.
  • Focus W4 – Freezing Gust: Increase chill duration to 4 seconds. Reduce recharge to 20 seconds. Make unblockable.
  • Focus W5 – Comet: Increase radius to 240.
  • Focus A4 – Swirling Winds: Provide swiftness for 10 seconds to allies inside of the 400 radius when the skill is used.
  • Staff W2 – Ice Spike: Halve the time it takes for the spike to fall.
  • Staff A2 – Lightning Surge: Decrease cast time to 1/4 second (blindness on this skill is pretty pointless if it can’t realistically be used to stop an incoming attack in time.)
  • Staff A3 – Gust: Change to knock back foes in a fairly wide cone in front of the player (say 150 degree arc with a 400 unit range.) Reduce recharge time to 25 seconds.
  • Staff A4 – Windborne Speed: Reduce recharge rate to 25 seconds.
  • Staff E2 – Eruption: Reduce time it takes for the eruption to detonate by 33%.