Guild Wars 2 Npe-my Vet Freind’s Experience

One really poignant thing he said, “It made me cry when I had to dance for the cows instead of feeding them”. I assumed he was referring to the very first heart quest you do in the Human Starter area and upon hearing that, I kind of felt sad with him there.

I tried to explain this was not intended for him and me as vet players and since we got lots of lvl 80’s it shouldn’t affect us, but his reply was that this affects everyone! Instead of spending all that dev time designing this stuff, they could have added more stuff to the game along the tutorial like more elite skills that could have been locked and allow the new players to discover and simply adding more fun leveling content, not gating content. I couldn’t really argue with that, even though I personally haven’t played a new character since the patch and cannot offer my own opinion about it.

However, from talking to my normally docile friend and from all the outrage on the forums I have read, I think that what Anet should do, is simply remove the gating and introduce tooltips at various lvls. There should be a new button at top left screen called tooltips (perhaps denoted by a question mark?) with search options once activated, so people can go back and revisit these tooltips in case they pop up at the wrong time, like while they’re fighting or w/ever. But the very first tooltip should be about the tooltip itself and to notify the player of its existence.

2nd thing, there should be an option to disable these tooltips for vet players or anyone for that matter.

Oddly enough, another guildie of mine, also long term player, has been leveling not 1 but 3 alts and I asked him about it as well. He basically likes it all, like the directional compass thing but he also didn’t like the gating aspect of it.

On another note, I just brought a freind across from Lotro to gw2. It took me quite some time to get him to come over and he loves the game. His says the game is perfect, the only thing he doesn’t like is the downscaling lol. It’s something totally new for him, but I assured him he will get used to it. I didn’t like it at first either, but I’m well used to it now and forget it’s even there.

However, he was already lvl 40 when the patch hit, so not sure how he’s gonna feel when he rolls a new character. Time will tell I guess.

Anyway, this was just one little experience form a section of your playerbase Anet, so I hope some of this feedback is useful to you.