How to do dungeons without experience in guild wars 2?

My experience with the LFG at least in my server is kicks everywhere. Yesterday i was kicked twice just because I joined with my necro in an LFG group that only said “path 2”. A newbie necro that is trying the LFG for the first time would also be kicked, without knowing why, because of the elitist of the LFG community.

Maybe you are a white knight and help newbies if they join your groups, however most of the zerker/speed runs in my LFG servers (no idea if it’s the entire EU Roster or only some servers) end up with that problem. People kick too much, i’ve seen even 8 kicks in the same run + replacing people.

I try to be possitive and i try to give an alternative to the OP problem. Since he’s stating “Pro or GTFO” in the topic, I’d definitely give a third option: Not pro, neither GTFO, but casual newbies run.

About rewarding, i was speaking about “fun rewarding”. Wich in my opinnion is more fun to die while fighting really hard than facerolling another stacking bored run. Why? Because if you died after fighting really hard it only means that something pushed you to your limits, and you still need to improve. Isn’t that fun? A challenge, not faceroll.
That is of course my personal point of view, as I always say, but please, notice that i was giving just a different option trying to cover all the point of views in the dungeons community.

Every discussion should be like Ying and Yang, black and white. There’s no point on giving an advice if someone else can’t take it down. Because of that reason, I always give my personal opinnion about the LFG and dungeons, and if i’m wrong, someone will take me down. Just understand that you are also wrong sometimes, and at least from my point of view, “pro runs” is what it’s destroying the dungeons community, so i encourage more casual runs.

I would like to clarify also, that NOT all zerker/speed runs/pro groups have bad attitude. In my original post i was giving the advice to avoid groups that seems to be created by bad attitude players, but didn’t said by far that all zerker groups are bad attitude players. Actually i was thinking in some LFG groups like “+4AP or kick”. That simple text in the LFG it’s screaming “i’m a bad attitude player and won’t tolerate you if you make a misstake”.