Guild Wars 2 Automated Refinement

Our asura friends have supplied automated refinement machines to convert resources into tools and building materials, but we need your help to fill those machines. This is event based on the inside Amber Wurm mechanic. There are three large machines one for wood, one for metal, one for textiles. Players have to grab the right “Material transport rifle” and shoot the material into the right machine. Each machine requires a certain amount of materials to succeed, this can be scaled for larger amounts e.g 50/100/150

The reason i re-use the mechanics from the Wurms as new events is to hopefully teach new or inexperienced players those mechanics so they would be more confident when facing the Wurm mega-boss. Nothing would please me more then people thinking “Hey this Cobalt Wurm phase is just like that Evon Gnashblade event i did when we were rebuilding lions arch.” teaching the basic mechanics for mega bosses in this less stressful environment would be a benefit to new player and ones that are afraid of screwing up a run because they might not know the mechanics.

Component 3 – Protect the stock piles

This is a blatant ripoff of the Candidate Trials from the cutthroat politics content, as stated before these events are not the main focus of rebuilding of lions arch but are put in for another activity to do for players. More content like this provides more challenges and varied options for character with different play styles to enjoy, that is never a bad thing.

Component 4 – A new lion’s arch

This is it folks, the biggest part of the patch, a lot of work for the dev’s and a new map for us that we get to shape, as a community. I basically have two different ideas for this part, the first will be very intensive work for the community and the dev’s but has the biggest payoff. The second is the lazy option, but still a bit of work and allows the community input into the lion arch that is to be built so we can all enjoy and feel that we had an influence on the development of the map.