Guild Wars 2 Longbow Ranger WvW

I’ve been running full zerker ranger recently, and yesterday I did run Lonbow with 6/6/x specifically. I could hit people for 3k with 2700 power, but never saw 5k. Maybe with air and fire sigils together you can hit for 5k. Or with moment of clarity.

See below the outcome of fights depending on your opponent:
– bad players you will wreck in 5 secods.
– mediocre players will be able to beat if they do not run an optimized build.
– good players will be able to close the gap, know what to dodge, when to block. Wolf fear will be inefficient against them as it will rarely hit, and squishies will have escapes you cannot prevent.

This is a solo perspective. If you have even 1 more player with you who knows what he’s doing, you will perform much better. Zerker longbow ranger is just not a roaming build…. yet.

You can gradually change your zerker pieces to pvt or knights gear and will be a bit more survivable, but your damage will be reduced so far that you will be able to annoy the kitten out of people if you play really good and can stay alive long enough…. and they will run away and there’s nothing you can do about it.