Guild Wars 2 Mystic Clovers Ruining Legendary Weapon?

I really want to know everyone’s opinion on the matter of mystic clovers as part of the legendary weapon recipe. Now, for those of you who haven’t been trying for these suckers yet, here’s the recipe:

10x Glob of Ectoplasm
10x Obsidian Shard (2100 karma each)
10x Mystic Coin
10x Arcane Crystal (3 skill points for 5 crystals)

There is also another recipe with 1/10 of all the costs and 6 philosopher stones instead of 10 arcane crystals. The large recipe has a chance to yield 10 clovers and the small recipe has a chance of up to 3 (reportedly).

I have done the 10x recipe 10 times (using 40% magic find food with 100% magic find gear) so far and only received clovers on one occasion. I know that this is not a large sample size so I am asking anyone who has tried either the 10x or the 1x recipe to post their results (only ones you are sure of and remember correctly) so that we might have an idea of the real mystic clover success rate.

To get back on topic; I personally feel that the mystic clovers are the only downside to the process of crafting a legendary weapon. All other parts of the weapon feel like they truly require a mastery of some game aspect. Badges of Honor, crafting gifts, exploration, even the t6 mats and icy runestones require mastery of farming / making gold. All the goals are very time consuming to complete, but you do have some idea of when you can complete them as they are not RNG events. Farming 525k karma for 250 obsidian shards is fine by me as part of a recipe as my progress towards it is steady and everyone must farm the same amount of karma.

Mystic clovers are a different story; clovers ARE random rewards and it could be possible that you NEVER get 77 of them. While extremely unlikely it is turning what was otherwise a quite fun experience (gathering legendary components) into something stressful whenever I try the recipe. I’m not asking to make it easier and I don’t mind having to work for a goal. It is just my OPINION that something better than a high risk slot machine could’ve been thought up for this part of the legendary.