Why You Should Pre-Order Guild Wars 2

When Guild Wars first launched it transformed the way people played and paid for MMOs. NCSoft set out to create a high quality free-to-play mmo, which was something unheard of at the time. Shortly after launch Guild Wars was a huge success with millons of new players logging into their free-to-play accounts questing with their friends. To this day and a few expansion packs later Guild Wars is still one of the first names to come up in a conversation of MMOs. NCSoft out did themselves with Guild Wars; is it possible to do this all over again with Guild Wars 2?

Raising the Bar with Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2, set to release sometime late 2010 early 2011, is the sequel to the ever famous Guild Wars. NCSoft plans to keep the same core experience in Guild Wars 2 that their customers loved in Guild Wars. There are however a few changes NCSoft has announced in their new upcoming MMO that should excite the hardcore and casual gamers alike.

One of the biggest changes NCSoft is implementing in Guild Wars 2 is the open world. In the first Guild Wars there was the ability to free roam but the maps were so linear it was almost pointless to go exploring. NCSoft has vowed to change this and on top of this feature they are also getting rid of the “city hubs” making it possible to meet new people out in the wilderness during exploration. Guild Wars 2 will now feel like an endless open world and no longer the barren linear “path” that was the first Guild Wars. This mixed with it’s free-to-play payment system is an exciting combination.

Besides the new open world Guild Wars 2 will also allow new players to play with veteran players with a new “mentoring” system so that you will never have to play without your friends. This could either be a good or bad thing depending on what type of person your friend is; hopefully they’re not the begging-for-armor type. NCSoft is also making it possible for people to solo through all of Guild Wars 2, which I never understood why people play an MMO if they want to solo it but to each their own.

Races and Classes

Everyone loves to hear about new races and classes. In Guild Wars 2, as of now, there are 5 races. These races are Human, Charr, Norn, Asura and Sylvari. The addition of these non-human races will give Guild Wars 2 a unique look to the series giving it a fresh new start. Among these races you will also be able to play many different professions. As of now NCSoft has not released a full list of professions but here a couple to get a little taste of what’s coming:

As you can see in the above list the professions in Guild Wars 2 are fairly normal, but that tends to be more of a good thing than bad. Hopefully we see the addition of a dark magic wielding profession before release.

The combat system is a major component of any MMO, without it chances are that MMO is going to fall short. NCSoft has taken the time to revamp their combat system making it that much more smooth and easier to use. Unlike some of the more recent MMOs NCSoft has decided to stick with the traditional click-to-fight combat system rather than a real-time system as seen in Age of Conan. This decision seems to be the correct choice since most of their fanbase enjoys and currently still uses the traditional combat system seen in many MMOs.

With the mention of the new combat system comes questions of the PvP system. There isn’t much word on the PvP in Guild Wars 2 but NCSoft has stated that it will be more fair than it has been in the past. There will also be the addition of World PvP (100 vs. 100) which sounds like an awesome addition for the PvP fans.