Guild Wars 2 Profession Choice

f it’s pve, the only class I would advise against playing is necro atm (at least if you want to do dungeon/fractals). That isn’t to say you couldn’t get through that content playing a necro, but they really do not bring much to the table in terms of team synergy.

Honestly, your biggest mistake with this game is thinking of it functioning like WoW, each class here is the trinity within itself and you don’t have to gear specifically for a role separately. Most encounters can simply be overcome with superior firepower (once you learn the encounter) severely limiting your need for any kind of defensive stats on gear. The good news is, even going glass cannon you can support just as well as you would be even if you tried to build specifically for support. Confused yet? Stay with me!! Support in GW2 is not like traditional support in most games IE you are not nor will you ever be able to heal someone enough to allow them to soak constant damage no matter how much healing power you put on your gear. You can support through boon sharing, condi removal, reflect walls, team stealth, reviving downed players so on and so forth. As far as cc goes, it’s of very limited usefulness in pve in a large majority of situations you will encounter since most of the time the things you would want to cheap gw2 gold are immune and the things that are not immune don’t need to be cc’d since they can just be steamrolled.

Right now, if you don’t mind being a flavor of the month class, ranger is fairly ridiculous and is pretty much guaranteed a spot in any group that is worth it’s salt. Ultimately though, best suggestion I can make is to create a character with whatever class you want to try out, take it to the heart of the mists lobby and go test it on the npc mobs there. Doing this will let you get a feel for how they might play and whether you think it’s something you will enjoy.