Guild Wars 2 Style Fishing

A long, long time ago I had a suggestion to add fishing, but not your boring old WoW style cast and hook. GW2 style fishing. Now, being GW2 style fishing, there should be a few obvious things, such as:

1. When you equip a fishing pole you get a new set of skills. Ideas for this could be…

  • Bait/Cast – Bait baits your hook with your choice of bait. More on that later.
    Cast: Charge up type of skill. The longer you hold the button the further you cast.
  • Jiggle – Jiggles the bait to make it more interesting to (hopefully) the fish.
  • Set – Sets the hook. Not setting the hook properly could result in your fish escaping.
  • Reel – Reel your fish in!
  • Thwack – Thwack your target in the head with the fishing pole.

Fishing should, of course, be a leveled discipline. The higher your fishing level the more success at catching fish you’d have. In addition, you’d be able to craft better fishing gear, up to exotic (for now) poles. (Could be some rather nice skins, even a steam-punk style fishing rod.)

Bait. Different fish should require different baits. Baits could be acquired by a variety of means, including gathering nodes (worms form dirt piles or when harvesting “root” types of plants, grubs when chopping wood, unique “bait only” nodes, etc.), cooking, and the Trading Post as well as purchased from vendors. (“Bait” would include mechanical baits, such as lures.)

Tackle boxes. Hey, we need somewhere to store the bait, right? So, have a unique bag slot available that can only store a tackle box. Tackle boxes would be crafted, most likely by the assorted armor crafts, and range up to 20 slots.

Of course, fishing means fish, which means new foods! Cooks, grab the lemon and butter!

And finally, to round this all off, fishing GW2 style would be more than simply catching fish. It would be more… dynamic. You see your pole wiggle, you set the hook and, instead of landing your fifth consecutive trout an event pops up: “Defeat the Rampaging Champion Krait”. Yep, you accidentally hooked a champion Krait, and he’s not amused. Other random event things could involve catching fish for a group of skritt who then take the fish and continue the chain along, etc. There are many ways to rarely kick off new events that stem from simply fishing. Things like hooking a champion would be rare random spawns, but other events (skritt example) could be more common (they ask for help, you do or don’t, yada yada).

But that’s the gist of it there. Fishing GW2 style as I see it, open of course to refinement.