Guild Wars 2: Soldier Professions

Today i will be writing about the game’s two soldier professions, the paragon and the warrior. The paragon is a very unique profession, the likes of which i have never seen in an RPG before. The paragon is a spear throwing soldier often with a shield only available in Nightfall that is notorious for motivating allies and strengthening member’s of it’s party. The paragon’s 4 main categories of moves are spear mastery, command, motivation, and leadership. Spear mastery is an attribute used to increase the paragon’s skill using a spear. Special spear mastery moves allow the player to throw a flaming spear or use spears that can wound an enemy or make him slowly bleed out. Command skills for a paragon often involve the player shouting commands over the battlefield that allow allies to slowly regain health and sometimes even move or attack much faster. Command skills are often used in group PvP to strengthen the paragon’s allies. Next, there are the motivation moves.

Motivation moves usually are somewhat specific and give members of your party bonuses if they do certain things. For example, paragon may use a motivation move that grants all each party member 5 energy next time they attack or 50 health next time they are poisoned. These types of moves are often used outside of PvP. Lastly, there are leadership moves. These are moves that benefit the paragon depending on how many allies he has fighting or questing with him. One leadership skill that is often used grants the paragon 20 health for each ally that is near him. These types of moves are used equally in and out of PvP.

The warrior, probably the most frequently seen class in the entire RPG world. However, the Guild Wars warrior is slightly different than the rest. The warrior’s skills are divided into four main categories, hammer mastery, ax mastery, sword mastery, and tactics. Hammer mastery is an attribute devoted to making the warrior more skilled with a hammer. Hammer moves often involve dealing high amounts of damage and knocking opponents on to the ground, making them unable to attack. However, hammer moves take a long time to execute and use a large amount of energy to use. Ax mastery, one of the less used warrior attributes,improves a warriors abilities with an ax and include moves that tend to wound or maim the opponent, dealing adequate damage. Axes tend to be used more in PvP when you have someone else to assist you when fighting. Sword mastery is sort of a combination of ax and hammer mastery.

While many moves do wound an opponent or cause them to bleed out, sword skills also deal decent amounts of damage to an enemy. This is probably the most frequently used warrior attribute in both PvP and the campaign. Lastly, there are tactics moves. Tactics are basically a warriors version of a healing category. Many tactics moves involve giving the warrior small amounts of health. However, tactics also involve some strategic moves like hitting an opponent with your shield to knock him down temporarily, or increasing your chance to block enemy attacks.