Guild Wars 2 Gold Guru Trading Tool & Dye Flipping

Kornuit saw our other video about making gold via salvageable bags, and has been hard at work on the Trading Post. Instead of taking notes with pen and paper, and instead of having to do math himself, he put together an Excel sheet that makes playing the Trading Post even more enjoyable. Kornuit has given me the okay to use this wonderful tool in today’s episode, and it is also his wish that I give you all access to this tool also. What a nice guy! Everyone say, “thank you Kornuit”. Good.

Now let’s take this puppy for a spin and test it on a dye flipping strategy that I’ve been meaning to try.

So despite my original hypothesis, dyes might actually be a legit item for long term flipping on the Trading Post. If you want to test this strategy out for yourself I recommend staying within your price range obviously to limit your risk. Luckily dyes have a massive scope when it comes to price range. I felt more comfortable with the 2-3 silver price range, but if you play more than me and have lots of dough, feel free to explore the higher price tiers.

Guild Wars 2 trading tool by Kornuit in action.

A Few of my Successful Fast Flipping Test Before Buying in Bulk:

Evergreen Dye x5

Purchase- 1s 3c/ea

Sold- 1s 93c/ea

Profit- 3s 5c – +59.3%

Evening Red Dye x5

Purchase- 1s 18c/ea

Sold- 1s 99c/ea

Profit- 2s 56c – +43.3%

Evening Dye x5

Purchase- 1s 8c/ea

Sold- 1s 87c/ea

Profit- 2s 55c – +47.2%

Wrath Dye x5

Purchase- 2s 71c/ea

Sold- 4s 87c/ea

Profit- 3s 45c – +25.5%

~ Current total earnings with this strategy thus far: 75 silver and 50 copper ~

(Last Updated 11/4/12)

Successful Dye Types so Far

Please be sure and post your own findings and general comments on this strategy below. We love hearing from you. Not really. But yes- we do.