Upcoming Warrior Balance Changes In Guild Wars 2

I didn’t see one of these up yet, and these are some big changes coming in for both the PvE and PvP meta of warriors. Thanks to Dulfy for having the notes already typed out.


  • We reworked how adrenaline works. Currently, your adrenaline is only consumed if you hit with your skill (i.e. if you miss with Eviscerate, your adrenaline is not consumed). Now if you miss your burst ability, you will lose all of the adrenaline. Additionally, adrenaline will now decay the instant you exit combat, so it is more beneficial for you to use the adrenaline skills rather than carrying them to the next fight. Cleasing ire will not work if your burst skill misses, and you will still lose all of your adrenaline.


  • Rousing Resilience – Gives you 8 seconds of 1000 bonus toughness upon breaking a stun, an increase from the previous 4 seconds.
    • A reminder that using balanced stance will activate this trait, regardless of whether you broke a stun or not.
  • Brawler’s Recovery – Now remove any single condition on weapon swap instead of only removing blind.


  • Hundred Blades – Damage reduced by 5% for the first 8 strikes. Final strike damage is unchanged.
  • Whirlwind Attack – Also received a 5% damage reduction.
  • Arcing Slice (Greatsword Burst) – This ability has been reworked to an execution skill. It will deal damage to 5 targets in an area and deal bonus damage to enemies below 50% HP. Yes, it still gives fury.
    • In the video, his fully channeled hundred blades did 6.6k damage, while the new arcing strike hit for 5.8k.


  • Bleeding Shot – This ability no longer applies bleed and has been renamed to Fierce Shot.
    • Fierce Shot’s damage has been increased by 20% and will give extra adrenaline against targets with the vulnerability debuff.


  • Whirling Axe (Axe Offhand 5) – Damage increased by 17%, cooldown reduced to 15s.


  • Pulverize – This is the third strike of your mace autoattack. The cast time is reduced by 25%


  • Impale – This offhand sword skill previously had over 100% upcoming on Torment. We felt this was too much. We have reduced torment duration from 12s to 8s.


  • Signet of Rage – Boon duration of this ability reduced by 5 seconds (might/fury etc will only last for 25 seconds base). The adrenaline gain from the signet’s passive is increased by 50%.
  • Signet of Might – You now have 6 seconds to deliver as many unblockable attacks as you can instead of only 5 attacks.
  • Berserker Stance – Previously this skill gave just under 5 full bars of Adrenaline which was a lot. Adrenaline gain reduced by 40%. This skill will give you a total of 3 full bars of adrenaline.
  • Banners – Sprint ability no longer gives an attack. Instead, it will remove crippled/chilled and sprint you forward a short instance.
  • Rampage – We want this elite to make you feel more like a juggernaut when you enter this transform. Reduced the amount of incoming physical damage by 25% meaning that all strikes you take will be reduced. All incoming chilled/crippled/immobilize conditions will be reduced by another 33%. If you have dogged march and this ability you will barely be affected by movement impairing abilities
    • Increased the velocity of Throw Boulder so it is easier for you to stun ranged moving enemies.